Road awareness course

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Road awareness course

During four evenings you will be prepared in detail for the traffic in Switzerland. Completion of this course is mandatory and a requirement for registering for the practical driving test. We recommend that you complete the road awareness course at the beginning of the driver education course. The VKU significantly simplifies learning to drive.

Maximum number of participants: 12


1st part
The function of the sense organs, traffic safety theory, visual technique, visual guidance.

2nd part
Road participants, special streets, weather

3rd part
Traffic dynamics, traffic safety, driving physics, traffic movement theory

4th part
Traffic tactics, driving ability, environmentally driving, tactical rules for safe driving


On two dates each 4 hours (e.g. 5pm to 9pm)


Driving Team Zurich
Baselstrasse 145
8048 Zurich
(2 minutes walk from Zurich-Altstetten train station)


CHF 250.- incl. documents & course confirmation (goes directly to the road department)
(card payment is preferred)